Trackless Train Party Rentals in Dallas

Kids love trains and we love kids. Imagine how exciting our train party rentals are!!!

WOW!!! Trains have a special power of attracting kids attention. This attraction sometimes continues into adulthood. From the nastalgic trains of yesterday to the people moving trains of today, Fun TImes Party Rental has a train that is sure to fit your needs. Our services have been offered at local malls to your home to large scale events such as The State Fair of Texas. Please call us today to rent a trackless train in dallas for your next event. Trackless train parties are a great way to create a party that will last for year to come. Dont just have a birthday party, have a trackless train birthday party. Our trains service the Dallas, Plano, Rockwall, Wylie, TX area and beyond.



Trackless-Trains has a great selection of train party ideas to make your next train birthday party a huge success. Call us today for more information all all the various types of trackless trains we have for rent. Im sure there's one that fits your needs.





Dallas, Plano, Rockwall, Wylie, TX


Kelan Express.

Electric trackless train. Can operate indoors and outdoors. Holds up to 32 kids. Perfect for kids that love trains. Our JJ Express train can be delivered you your location. Must operate on hard surface only.



JJ Express.

Gasoline trackless train. Must operate outdoors. Holds up to 34 kids. This is a traveling train, It is delivered and operated at your location.



Fun Times Express.

Energy powered hand crank pedal car train. Works similar to a bicycle. This train operates on and track. Can be used indoors or out. Must be set up on a flat surface. Can be converted into a race car themed ride. Check out our YouTube video to see how this train operates.


Train Face Bounce House

We can bring this out with a train at a discounted price. Just call to find out.

Or don't have room for a train, how about a Thomas the Train look-alike bounce house. It requires electricity, and a space of 18ft x 18ft.